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how many watts do i need to run this

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December 8, 2005 9:11:32 PM

how many watts do i need to run this computer:
Athlon 64 3200+ 939 Socket
Geforce 7800GT 256 Mb pci express x16
Cosair 1 Gb (2 x 512 mb sticks) PC 3200
80 Gb Sata HardDrive
ASUS A8N-SLI Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 SLI ATX AMD Motherboard

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December 8, 2005 9:16:05 PM

A good 350 watt PSU would do, but I would prefer atleast a 430watt.
Fortron makes a good PSU.
December 8, 2005 9:32:31 PM

so how does a 450 watt do just incase i wanna upgrade like upgrade the cpu to a athlon 3700+ and get 2 x Geforce 7800GT instead of 1
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December 8, 2005 9:37:15 PM

Bigger won't hurt, just make sure it is a brand like Fortron, Antec TruePower, PC Power and Cooling, etc.
A 450 watt should run $70 and up, much less and it starts getting questionable.
December 8, 2005 9:39:38 PM

could u look on and find me a good psu with 450 watts or 500watts with a price through 40$ 70$
December 8, 2005 9:41:09 PM

oh wait how is ultra psu they look cheap and good
December 8, 2005 9:47:58 PM

NewEgg is not working for me right now for some reason, but I just bought This 550 watt from NewEgg for $89 and am very pleased.
December 8, 2005 9:50:49 PM

the site went down now its back up
December 8, 2005 9:57:38 PM

Yes that is the one I got exactly.
December 8, 2005 10:00:52 PM

It runs quiet and cool, and has plenty of spare wattage, and is built to last.
I was running an Antec TruePower 430watt before that for 2.5 years, and now I am upgrading mobo and CPU, so the 430 will live again in spare build.
December 9, 2005 12:41:31 AM

I'd go for 420-480 watt.
Check out new Liberty line from Enermax.
December 9, 2005 3:13:04 AM

Enermax rocks. I've got a 485W PSU on this configuration:

2x 7800GTX's Factory OC'd (SLI)
1x Athlon x2 4200
2x WD Raptors
2x DVD/CD burners
4x 256MB DDR400 DIMMs
3x 120mm case fans
1x ASUS A8N-SLI Premium
3x USB devices (hard drive, camera, mouse)

nVidia says you need a 500W PSU for that. Pffft. My 485W is rock solid... although it did flip a breaker the other night. But i also had 2x 1500W electric heaters on the same circuit. LOL. Won't do that again.

December 9, 2005 4:38:51 AM

You should go for a 400 watt power supply from PC power and cooling. Sure they are more expensive than others but the efficiency and quality of their products is top notch. Their 400 watter equals a 500 watt generic.
December 9, 2005 9:29:17 AM

oh wait how is ultra psu they look cheap and good

December 9, 2005 9:31:01 AM

2x 7800GTX's Factory OC'd (SLI)
1x Athlon x2 4200
2x WD Raptors

you just made me spunk all over my keyboard

when you upgrade talk to me and let me buy this off you.
December 9, 2005 9:36:31 AM
450W, FSP(great brand), and only $50

This will run your computer now and into the future....

if you want something thats WAY over kill get
THese are all WAY overkill for your choice.....these are 535-550W ALl great brands.

you would have t actually TRY ot build a machine that used more then 15HDD's with your 27800GTX's and FX60(dual core FX line comming soon) and all PCI slots filled and all USB ports powering something.

December 9, 2005 10:16:17 AM

could that first 450 watt power supply run this
Athlon 3700+
Seagate SataHardrive 80 GB
CorSair 2 Gb of ram (4 x 512mb)
2 x Geforce 7800GT SLI
ASUS A8N-SLI Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 SLI ATX AMD Motherboard
Dvd Rom Drive
Cd Rom Drive
Floppy Drive
December 9, 2005 11:26:25 AM

This brand of PSU sucks. I know because I worked with them before. had 10 units and 40 percent failed in less than six months. I gotta give it to them though, they replaced said units. The experience is downright awful though.