GA-K8N-SLI and kingston value RAM 256MB


Last week I bought a GA-K8N-SLI and a athlon64 3200+ and I'm trying to use it with 4 memory modules of kingston value RAM 256MB but I only manage to get Blue screens or reboot. The BIOS is F2. this memory modules work fine in a GA-8ik1100. I have tested with a different Graphics card and a different HD, and there is no othe card connected to it.

Is there incompatibility of the Motherboard with the RAM? If so, what is the best price/compatibility ram available? do I need to get a Later BIOS? should I give back the Motherboard and get an ASUS? do I need to give a try at lower speed?

Sugestions are welcomed.
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  1. Did you overclock your system? Or your RAMs are running at the correct speed?

    Also, make sure that your power supply is delivering enough power to your system...

    Just some tips, hope it helps.
  2. Try to increase memory voltage a bit in bios
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