Adding a PATA drive to a system with an existing SATA

Hello. Just a quick question: do I have to mess around with master/slave jumper settings if I'm installing a new PATA drive in a system with a SATA drive for a boot drive? The instruction manual was written as though SATA drives don't exist; there's no information on how/whether to set the jumpers in this scenario.
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  1. Yes, you still have to use jumpers for PATA drives even though there's SATA drives in the system.

    Set the PATA drive to master. Your BIOS will continue to boot from the SATA drive regardless.

  2. Great, thanks.
  3. Cheers!

    I would like to setup my PC to have both PATA and SATA drive.

    I currently have a 40GB PATA drive and I am planning to buy a 120GB SATA drive.

    How do I configure a SATA drive to be the primary drive and PATA be secondary? Won't there be any conflicts? Any advice will be greatly appreciated..

    Below is my PC's specs

    Athlon64 3000+ (Socket 754)
    MSI K8N Neo Mobo
    512 MB PC 400 RAM
    128 MB Inno3D FX5500 128bit

    40GB Seagate Hardrive (IDE O) Master
    Lite-On DVD Rom (IDE 1) Master
    Lite-On CDRW (IDE 1 ) Slave

    Thanks in advance!
  4. Your BIOS will have a place to choose which hard drive to put first.
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