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Hey guys!! I need a bechmark site to see some Radeon 9600 benchmarks (if possible, comparing with equivalent GeForces!!)

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  1. Here you can find comparison between GeForce 6600 and Radeon 9600 XT/Pro. Keep in mind that 6200 is slower than 6600 by good margin.

    Here you can find comparison between GeForce 6200 and Radeon X600 Pro, which is Radeon 9600 Pro renamed for PCI express.
  2. Few sites bother testing the 9600 series anymore. The 9600 is about like a 6200 while the 9600 pro and XT are close but still lose to the GF6600.

    Recent AGP Comparison of 22 cards

    Monsterous 101 Card shootout from a year ago.
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