Black Pearl(water cooled card) - why no SLI specs?

I read the latest video card review and noticed a SLI connector on the card. Now, this would likely require a monster power supply or moving the pumps/radiators to a second smaller computer case, but it would be very interesting to see how this monster of a card performs in SLI mode.
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  1. Probably because eVGA only sent them 1 card.

    I'm more pissed they didn't try and overclock it!

  2. Well, I was being nice. :) Considering the silly low temps it was running at, I imagine a ~800/2000 setup possibly being achieveable with the 120mm fan running in 12v(full-on) mode.

    Water-cooled, 1 gig memory, SLI mode - overclocked...

    The odd thing is, you almost need it playing Fear at the maximum settings.
  3. Quote:
    The odd thing is, you almost need it playing Fear at the maximum settings.

    No kidding. LOL. I think F.E.A.R. just has issues. The game doesn't look that great to me... a little better than half life 2. Yet half life 2 gets owned by any decent video card out there.

    Kinda like Halo. When HALO came out on PC, it ran like crap on ANY system.

    They just did a shit job optimizing it IMO.

  4. a card with its own water pump and radiator-cooling system. imagine that, having water swilling around inside your computer! whoever would of believed it.
  5. F.E.A.R. might be rendered better than HL2, but HL2 has a better details, hands down. Some of the scenery in FEAR is cheesy. And ask yourself this: How can a game, that has enviroments that all look the (&(&*(*& same, be such a hog???? lol, and not to mention the bullet holes look like puke.
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