Please help an amateur with his BF2 system!!

So I have been slowly building up a box that is primarily used for Battlefield 2 and I am disturbed by the performance I am getting. Here are the specs:

AMD 64 3700+ 754 Clawhammer
MSI K8T800 Mobo (non-pro)
1GB of DDR400 3200 memory (looking to upgrade this next)
ATI Radeon X800XL AGP 8x
ATA100 drives
Cat 5.11
BF2 1.12

Here's my issues. I can't even play at 1024x768 with everything maxed out. I don't know why, but I still get stuttering issues and low frame rates. My friend has a Pentium 4 3.4E Prescott on an Abit AL8 motherboard with 2GB of Corsair 4200 RAM with a Radeon X800XL PCI-E video card. He is able to run the game at 1280x1024 maxed out.

Now I have searched the web high and low and the little information I have gathered is this: DDR2 RAM will give a performance increase but not a ton, 1GB versus 2GB is supposidly not a huge difference in BF2 itself, PCI-E will give a slight advantage over AGP but it looks to be single digit frame rate improvements and on top of all of that, according to Tom's Hardware the 3700+ Clawhammer has a large advantage over the Prescott in processessing power for games. So the million dollar question is: Why is my friend's system performing SOOO much better than mine? What should I look for? I am thinking of rebuilding the system, will this help a ton? Any thoughts or suggestions would be SOOO helpful! Thanks!
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  1. Some will say the 2GB of ram....but that will account for like 3% 5%TOPS!!! not that huge of a jump. but there is a small thing there...

    The 754 has single channel you are using single channel or 1Gb where as he is using dual channel at that could be a HUGE performance hit.
    I would say its the dual channel holding you back not the 2GB.

    You can upgrade and buy a 7800GT for $300 and beat his, friendly beating of course.

    But for right now I would say look for programs running in the background. I would turn off anything you dont need. I would check for spyware and all that. Your two systems should be roughtly the same......he should edge you out....not dominate
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