Double hard disk failure

I have recently been attempting to add a new hard drive to my Dell Dimension 4100. Unfortunately I have installed 2 identical drives and both have produced a nasty repeated ticking sort of noise and appear to be dead. The IDE controller is an Intel 82801BA and the drives are both Hitachi Deskstar 7K80 40Gb drives.

What could be wrong here, other than me having the extreme bad luck to have received two faulty drives? I took normal precautions against knocks and static when installing. I have no problem running the machine with a different second IDE drive (an old Western Digital), which has been installed and removed several times.

Hoping someone will have an idea of what might have gone wrong here, or failing that, eliminate all possibilities except the one that both drives arrived faulty.
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  1. Sorry man, a loud constant ticking sound = dead. I've heard it many of times.

    You have some really bad luck there stud.

    Just to be sure, does the BIOS see those drives? If not, they're dead for sure.

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