Raptor 36gb for OS and game Harddrive question

Hey there all.
Im thinking about buying a 36gb raptor for my gaming rig to improve my 50sec boot time and decrease Load times in games.

I was wondering what kinda boot times you get with xp pro and if anyone plays ut2k4 maxed @1024x768 and what the load times are.

Another question if i get two 36gigers in raid 0 How much time will be shaved off is it like 5sec off the boot and maybe 5 for the game also compared to single raptor.

One last thing heh, What is the warrenty anyone know on raptors?

Thanks for the replys there greatly Appreciated
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  1. Raptors have a 5 year warranty. Nothing to worry about :wink:
  2. For speed, the 74gig Raptor is considerably faster than the 36gig model.
    Something to consider if top speeds are concerned...
  3. Oh alright i didnt know the 74gig is faster then the 36gig, thanks for the info guys.
  4. If you have the money and really want to reduce boot time, get 2 raptors and use RAID 0.

    I have 2 raptors in RAID 0 and it takes about 15 sec to get to the login screen.

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