The best one?

Should I get the AMD Athlon 64 3700+ for $233 or the AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ for $323?

1) Is it worth the extra money?

2) What performance increase will I experience?

Thanks ahead of time guys.
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  1. The X2 is a dual core chip. If you run mostly progs that use workstation tech, get that. If this is for gaming, get the 3700. If this is just an e-machine, get a 3200.
  2. Itll be used for gaming and apps such as Photoshop and some video editing...
  3. Photoshop, and most video editing progs are workstation progs. If you use these a lot, an X2 may be ok for you. Just understand that games will run slightly slower. You could make that up by getting a better gfx card.
  4. They run slower? How does that work out?
  5. Games generally only use one core, and because both of the X2 cores run slower than the 3700 core, the game will run slower.
  6. I bet you this though...
    I gotta 939 3000+ and its FAST for what i use it for like games.
    I get 11948 in 3dmark03
    that x2 wont proform below a 3000 i bet you.
  7. So I should just stick to the 3700?
  8. If the main use is games, a 3700 is faster than an X2 3800. If the main use is photoshop/video encoding the X2 is faster.
    If they are equal use, get the X2 and a better graphics card.
    In gaming, a better graphics card will usually do more for you, than a faster chip.
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