Gigabyte ga-p55a-ud3 blue screen windows 7

I just installed a new mobo, cpu, and ram. After I finished installing all the peripherals I booted up my system. Everything is going great until i get to the windows 7 loading screen. As soon as the window's logo appears it BSODs and restarts. I have windows 7 x64. I used another HD with Vista x32 and it worked perfectly. Another potential problem is my USB mouse isn't functioning but i suppose that is because I don't have the drivers or something similar to that. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas that would help me out.

mobo - gigabyte GA-P55-UD3 Rev. 2.0
cpu - Intel i7-870
RAM - Kingston hyperx ddr3 1600 2 x 4gb
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  1. Did you run into any problems during the install?

    Do you have the latest BIOS installed? What BIOS changes, if any, did you make?
  2. During the install nothing went wrong as far as i know. Since I am able to get thru POST I assumed everything was install correctly.

    I assume i have the latest BIOS installed and as for changes in the BIOS my first boot attempt didn't work so I changed the CPU and ram from turbo to standard I also mucked around with the voltage and ram speeds changing it to 1600 instead of 1333 but that didn't fix the problem either.
  3. Ok I just checked the BIOS and it is the latest version.
  4. Ok I just tried another HD with windows 7 x64 and it booted the OS like it normally should. I'm thinking either my HD isn't compatible with the MOBO or i just need to reinstall windows 7 x64 bit. any thoughts???
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    A reinstall isn't a bad idea. I would set the RAM back to defaults before the install. The idea is to make the system as stable as possible before you install. You can go into BIOS and choose Load Optimized Defaults to set everything back. Save the cahgnes and reboot. Then if there were any specifics you wanted made re-enter BIOS and make those, for example to set the SATA mode to AHCI or the HPET Mode to 64-bit. Then reboot and reinstall Windows 7 choosing to reformat the harddrive at the start of the install.
  6. ok well i reinstalled the OS and like an idiot I forgot the mobo doesn't have an onboard video card :/ but i'm gonna try to put the HD in another computer and install all the drivers and see if that helps. I was also wondering if you could help me with another problem. My USB mouses and keyboards don't seem to be able to work. The mobo I have seems to only have one PS/2 slot. the coloring for it is purple and green but i was wondering if there was some way to plug in two PS/2 devices.
  7. Hey I finally got it stable. thanks for the help me man.
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  9. You're welcome. Enjoy the rig.
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