DFI and Geforce 6600 GT

Dear anyone,

I planned to buy DFI NF4 SLI INFINITY and the graphicard would be Geforce 6600 GT. I wondering, did the combination of these products will give some future problems in oc? also, did these products are good in gaming? plz gimme some feedbacks.

thankx for reading and answering.
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  1. They're good products, and there shouldn't be any problems with them.

    However, why are you getting such a low end video card for gaming? Its ok for now or for light gaming, but if you want any kind of resolution / AA / AF / etc., you want somthing more.

  2. for a low price you can get a 6800 GS which is REALLY good and has a core clock of 425mhz,higher than the 6800GT, but it has less pixel pipes... practically the sam eperformances... but 6800GS can do better than the 6800GT at low resolutions! 50$ less than the GT AND you can SLi 2 of those...

    6800Gt which is a bit more expansive but not too much is a good choice too

    ... and the Sapphire ati radeon x800GTO2 which is anINCREDIBLE overclocker and you can unlocked 4 pixel pipes easily and it can run like a x850 xt EASY!... LOW PRICES!! but you can not sli 2 ATIs for sure.. and they are not avaible in crossfire models yet :p

    I'd go with the 6800GS IMO and you cna get them for US $210 at www.monarchcomputer.com

    AND uh... in benchmarks u can see that 1 6800GS runs better than 2 6600GT... and the 6800gs has the SM 3.0 which will be used in the next generations of games, ATI only has SM 2.0 ... it will run next games but not as good as nVidia products... exept if u get a x850xt PE... but much more expansive!
  3. Gaming today is all about a good graphics card. OCing your CPU will not give as much as a better graphics card. But if you really want a good OC-card pick the DFI MB. I would have picked a cheaper MB (but good for OCing), an AMD 64 3200+ or Opteron 146. And a 6800GS or Sapphire GTO2 as someone suggested.
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