How to use Cell phone as NIC card

How do you configure and network an existing cable internet to a notebook computer using a cell phone.
Friend has cell phne cable, I have cable internet and a spare phone line.
I would like to have him call my PC via Cell modem to PC modem, log inot internet connection and have internet access access through sharing my connection.
I have a D-Link 4 port router.
Any helps I appreciate.
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  1. Normally, you'd use the cell phone like a regular dial-up modem to the ISP.

    In your case, I guess you want him to call your spare line, you configure your PC for remote access (he logs into your 'network' of 1 pc), and now that he's on your network he can share your 'net connection.

    Don't know if that's possible... I've dial-up'ed to remote lans and accessed the internet thru there (incredibly slow when you're expecting DSL speed and you get dial-up speed...), but I don't know if it works to a single PC (though I would expect it does as I authenticate to a PC).

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