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i would like to know your opinion about the Viewsonic VX700 and gaming ? Is it good enought to play ?
Is this monitor as good as the Compaq TFT7020 ?
Thanks for your answers.

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  1. Give us the specs and we can help you out.

    Jack Burton is a great man...
  2. here are the specs for the VX700

    LCD PANEL Type MVA colour TFT active matrix SXGA (16.7 million colours)
    Display Area 17" Diagonal (338mm H x 270mm V)
    Pixel Pitch 0,264 mm
    Contrast Ratio 400:1 (typical)
    Viewing Angle 160° horizontal, 160° vertical (typical at 10:1)
    Light Source Long life, 50,000 hrs. (min)
    Response Time 30ms (typical)
    Brightness 230 cd/m² (typical)
    Glass Surface Anti-reflection coating

    VIDEO INPUT Video RGB Analogue (0.7/1.0 Vp-p, 75 ohms), DVI-D
    Sync H/V Separated (TTL), Composite, Sync on Green
    Frequency Fh: 30-82 kHz, Fv: 56-85 Hz

    AUDIO Speakers Two 2W speakers
    Amplifier 2 W at 1kHz for THD 1%

    COMPATIBILITY PC PC compatibles from VGA up to 1280 x 1024 NI
    Mac®¹ PowerMac™ (up to 1280 x 1024)

    CONNECTORS Analogue RGB 15-pin mini D-sub (detachable)
    Digital 24-pin DVI-D (detachable)
    Audio 3.5 mm Stereo Connector
    Mic 3.5 mm Audio Line-Out
    Power DC 19 V to Head

    POWER Voltage AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz (auto switch), external Power Supply
    Consumption 42 W (typical)

    CONTROLS Basic Power On/Off, Mute, Audio +/-, Menu, up, down, Select
    OSD Contrast, Brightness, Auto Image Adjust, H/V-Position, H Size, Fine Tune, Sharpness, Scaling, ViewMatch-Colour Adjustment, ViewMeter-Display Information, OSD-Language, H/V-OSD-Position, OSD-Time Out, OSD-Lock, Power Lock, Resolution Notifier, Input Select, Memory Recall
    CONDITION Temperature 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
    Humidity 10% – 90% (non-condensation)

    DIMENSIONS Physical 430 mm (W) x 483 mm (H) x 200 mm (D)
    (16.9" x 19.0" x 7.9")

    WEIGHT Net 8.5 kgs (18.7 lbs.)

    OTHERS DDC1 & DDC2B, Plug & Play

    REGULATIONS TCO'95,TÜV/GS, T"V/Ergo, ISO13406-2 (class2), ISO9241-3, ISO9241-7, ISO9241-8, Energy 2000, CE, CB, FCC-B, UL, NEMKO, SEMKO, DEMKO, FIMKO, VCCI, BSMI, CCIB, CCEE, T"V-S, PSB, PCBC, C-Tick, Ghost-R, SASO, PC'99


    WARRANTY Three-year limited warranty on parts, labour and backlight.

    and here are the specs for the Compaq TFT 7020

    Type Active Matrix TFT (thin film transistor)
    Liquid Crystal Display (diagonal) 43.2 cm (17 inch)
    Viewable (diagonal) 43.2 cm (17 inch)
    Screen Opening (W x H) 34.0 cm (13.4 in) x 27.2 cm (10.7 in)
    LCD Active Area (W x H) 33.8 cm (13.3 in) x 27.0 cm (10.6 in)
    Viewing Angle 150° (horizontal) 140° (vertical) (10:1 CR)
    Pixel Pitch 0.264 mm
    Contrast Ratio (typical) 400:1
    Response Rate 25 ms (typical)
    Brightness (typical) 250 nits
    Color Depth Support 16.7 million
    Graphic Controller Pixelworks 112 family
    Factory Present Modes 16
    Graphic Preset Modes
    Note: All modes are non-interlaced unless specified otherwise.
    1280 x 1024 1024 x 768 800 x 600 640 x 480 640 x 350
    60 Hz, 75 Hz 60 Hz, 70 Hz and 75 Hz 60 Hz, 72 Hz and 75 Hz 60 Hz, 73 Hz and 75 Hz 70 Hz
    Text Mode 720 x 400
    70 Hz
    Mac Compatible Modes
    Note: Adapter required.
    1152 x 870 832 x 624
    75 Hz 75 Hz
    Sun Mode
    Note: Adapter required.
    1152 x 900
    76 Hz
    User-Programmable Modes 16
    Anti-Glare/ Anti-Static Yes/Yes
    Plug and Play Yes
    Audio (253217- xxx Skus only) Audio Power 1.5W/Channel (3% THD)
    Volume Control Yes
    Head Phone Jack Yes
    Audio Line In Yes
  3. I would say the Compaq has better specs. Its response time is better. Plus I don't think the VX700 has wall mounting capabilities.

    Jack Burton is a great man...
  4. However, the viewing angles for the Compaq are not as good as the VX700. A 5ms response time change I don't think would be noticeable to the eye.

    Jack Burton is a great man...
  5. Viewing angles are imo overrated....friend has an LCD w/ viewing angles that suck and its perfectly fine. As for the response time, it will influence, and 30ms is a step backwards. Plus, we know teh TFT7020 is great...the VX700 is unknown.

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  6. Have you personally tested any LCD's in the 25-30ms range? Some people still feel there's too much ghosting in some games. You may wanna look at some first, open a window with black text on white and drag it around. 25ms still has ghosting and most don't notice or care about it, some do.
  7. I notice 25ms when dragging, but then again, I notice 100Hz refresh as well.....Anyways, 25ms plays great in games.

    My rice car will leave your R8500 in the dust!
  8. I disagree, viewing angles are very important. Unlike CRT monitors, LCD’s are meant to be viewed "head on" and image quality can deteriorate if viewed from an angle. LCDs with a narrow viewing angle appear to have inconsistent color, clarity and brightness, especially in larger sizes. I would not recommend any monitor with a viewing angle less than 160 degrees.

    Jim Witkowski
    Chief Hardware Engineer
    Cornerstone /

    Jim at
  9. My IBM Stinkpad at work must really have bad viewing angles because even when viewed head on, I notice slight color deterioration on either the top or bottom, depending on how the screen is tilted to me.
  10. That is a classic description of poor viewing angles. Laptops have historically had poor viewing angles as compare to desktop monitors. The assumption is laptops are meant to be used close up. Don't ever let any tell you viewing angles are not important. This is still one of the biggest advantages CRT monitors have over LCD monitors.

    Jim Witkowski
    Chief Hardware Engineer
    Cornerstone /

    Jim at
  11. Oh come on, people freaking out over 10 degree viewing difference....

    My rice car will leave your R8500 in the dust!
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