Duplicate topics everywhere?

I've been reading tom's hardware for the past days and I noticed an increase of duplicate topics on forums here. It seems that there's a technical issue with the site. Anyone else notice that?
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  1. Yea last 2 weeks my version of Toms was in nothing but a incomplete website form. It was as if everything was in HTML reader and all the images were left aligned and the website had no background. I messaged a mod and he told me the devs were working with software on the site.
  2. It is a problem with the forum in the Windows 8 section. When I post I get a error that indicates the website is down and to come back later. It does indeed post. If you believe the returned error you try to post again or give up. Hence some people post many times because they think their post is not being made.

    FORUM's issue not the posters
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