I used powerstrip to display the vid card's information, it says it's IRQ is 16 and that it is shared.

I've heard setting your card on a shared IRQ is bad for performance and such.

I have no idea how to fix the IRQs so that my card is on a non shared one.

I'd also like to know how to do the same with my sound card.

Thanks in advance, Northen.
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  1. what is being shared with the vid card?
    Is there a card in the pci slot next to the agp/pcie slot? If so you might try moveing it to another slot. Some motherboards will share the same irq between the agp slot and pci slot 1. You might look in the motherboard manual and see if it lists the irq that each slot uses and arrange you cards to try and avoid sharing on the most used cards.
  2. These days almost all devices in a computer will share IRQ's. I wouldn't be worried. PCI is a 32bit interface and is good at sharing. Back in the ISA & early PCI days sharing IRQ 16 (which was mostly designated for video cards) was not a good idea... it either didn't work or didn't work well (EISA was able to share IRQ's as well). Win95 also did a crap job of assigning IRQ's. That was fixed in WinxP Anyways, it doesn't matter anymore.

    If you don't have an stability problems then don't worry about it.

  3. If you're running XP it's probably on a virtual IRQ using Windows and some BIOS features to avoid conflicts.
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