how many FPS increase can i expect

currently im running a athlon 64 3000 , 1 gig ram, and a radeon 9800 pro 128mb, 256bit card. IM going to be upgrading to a radeon x800gt , agp, 256mb card and was wondering how many FPS increase i could expect in my games. thanks guys.
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  1. only bench marks will tell.
    There are too many variables that can effect fps.
    I am running a 9800 pro 256 meg right now and it plays everything fast enough. If I switched to a faster card I wouldnt see any real world improvements, other than sm 3.0 support.
    Is there a problem with the games you are currently running?
  2. well i only have a 128mb card , with the 256 bit card. im finding out thats it getting important to have a card with 256mb memory on it. and i really cant find that 256mb 9800 new card that that much cheaper from the x800gt on newegg for 169.00 dollars so im goign to buy it. if i could find like a 9800 xt 256bit, 256mb i would buy it if it was like $20 dollars cheaper.
  3. I have an Intel D850GB with a 2.8 Pentium 4, 1 gig of RAM, and an X850 XT PE AGP. I get 60 fps from Guild Wars at 2048x1536, with all the details set to the highest. When I reduce the resolution to 1280x1024, I get 85 fps.

    You may find this post of mine an interesting read. In it I discuss some misconceptions about FPS that gamers have.

    And this TG Daily article as well:
  4. wow didnt know that. I know i dont get frames on my games set to high detail anywere near 100 fps. my fps are probally like 30 fps on need for speed most wanted at high detail, and i have a run of the meal $250 lcd display i got from radio shack. And i would have to say i liked the clearness of my crt monitor compared to the lcd. is it just me or do the LCD's look fuzzy. I had to get used to the diff looking on the lcd. i would go back to CRT if they werent so darn big, lol. ill check out that X850 XT PE AGP at newegg.
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