Newb question about 15pin D-Sub & DVI-D connectors.

I got my first LCD monitor yesterday, and the how-to-install paper said to attach the D-Sub to the monitor and computer. It didn't say anything about the DVI so i left it out. Then until recently, I was browsing through the CD that came with the monitor, and it also had installation instructions. It said to connect both the cables. So my question is, whats the differences between the two cables? does it matter if I connect both of them on my LCD?
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  1. Sub-D is Analog Connection
    DVI-D is Digital Video Interface (i think)
    But anyways the point is the Picture will be much sharper with the DVI cable, Another thing only One of them needs to be connected as far as i know. So just connect the DVI and see if it works.

    Ive never owned a dvi monitor but i think thats how it works.
  2. If your video card has a DVI connector (it's large and white) then use it exclusively w/ your LCD. If it doesn't, then don't concern urself w/ DVI.

  3. Oh I see. Whats the difference between the two anyhow? I can connect the DVI to my radeon9800.
  4. The graphics are rendered on your GPU in digital format then sent to the display. Going to the display via DVI means it stays digital. Going to the display via VGA means it is converted to an analog VGA signal before going thru the cable. When the LCD display receives the VGA signal it then has to convert it back to digital before displaying it (CRT's display in analog, LCDs display in digital), introducing noise and possible fuzzies. If possible, use DVI. If not, don't worry about it unless you are a professional photo/video guy and the fuzzies bug you.

  5. I got a monitor that supports both and the DVI is digi so use that , the only thing that bugs me is every time the screen is refreshed IE rebooting vid card bios screen " dvi input pops up M/B bios screen DVI input pops up Windos stars to load DVI input pops up " so every time the comp sends a refresh signal it outputs on screen DVI input but other than that the picture quality is sharper and better.
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