Upgrading my Gaming Comp.

In advance i wana say thanks to everyone who replys any input i can get would be very helpful.

Here is my Current system:
Thermaltake Armor
OCZ ModStream 520W
MSI K8T Neo2
AMD64 939 3000+ winchester
OCZ Gold Series 2x512 (2-2-2-5 T1)
MSI NX6800GT 256MB AGP8x
WD 200gig 8mb cache

The main reason i want to upgrade is because ATI and Nvidia dont make anymore new cards in agp and right now i have the money on hand to spend it on my pc.
I was thinking about doing this... Selling the gpu on ebay and throwing away the board (aka using it as a server board cause the onboard audio fryed) And with that money buying a new pcie card and a new Single slot pcie motherboard but i dont know which ones to buy. And i dont want a super expensive mobo just a non-sli with perferbly a nvidia chipset.
So i have about a budget of +/- 400-500$ on my upgrade.

Any suggestions would be great :)
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  1. You have the prefect setup....

    Get this...
    DFI Ultra D ($125)
    7800GT (~$320)
    And thenthat puts you at ~$450+ shipping and tax.

    The reason i say perfection is that a DFI board can give your ram 3.2-3.6v to get up to around 260fsb (i know its not but you know that i know that now.....lol) and the DFI board will get your 3000+ t around 260FSB as well...

    Also you have a great PSU so you wont crash your system if you OC and you dont have to upgrade anything but the gpu and the mobotherboard.

    So that would give you a nice little Oc'd rig....I would say OC'd you get 130% above what you have now. Not bad for that price....lol
  2. Alright thanks for the info on that motherboard, right now my main problem with my current board is the limit of 2.85v on the memory which locks me in at about 2.1ghz. And i know my ram can do wayyyy more then 218mhz. Only thing im wondering about is how far can i push my cpu safely so it wont break? i mean 2.2ghz is already a 400mhz overclock.

    So ya ill buy that DFI board it looks nice.

    Anyways thanks
  3. Quote:

    That is the refurbished one but thats it.

    As long as you dont get too hot, and you are stable you can overclock it like crazy.

    You should be able to get around 260fsb with this board and that ram with some extra voltage. So and that 260fsb should be your limter not your cpu....but 260fsb with 2-2-2-5 timings is as fast as 300fsb with 3-4-3-10 timings.
  4. Oh alright sounds Sweet thanks for the info pickxx
  5. Dam msi rubish - none of their products last and the ones that live are forever problematic and worryful - i got a msi ti4200 that overheats (a GF4 Ti - come one) and crappy msi couldnt pay out the extra for ram rated at 550 instead there using ones rated at 500 overclocked to 515, i even had a msi burner that toasted 3 cds and never workd again and countless boards go up.

    I wouldnt use that board in a server either - i woudnt trust it at all.
  6. LOL you might be right about there motherboards but there Graphics cards score higher then a average 6800gt at stock speed.
  7. Not higher then my BFG card...lol

    :cry: Before i broke it.... :cry:

    now i'm rocking the MX440!!!!! lol
  8. Prolly overclocked by a few mhz or ram timings pushed too far yes?.

    Iv prolly just had some seriously bad luck with their products, there probably not all that bad but i aint touchin them ever again.
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