new AMD X2 3800+ Koolance rig is up and running!

So a couple weeks ago, I built a new computer rig. Decided to take to plunge and go dualcore :). Props to Pickxx for his advice.

Old rig was:
Koolance PC-650bk cooling cpu, chipset, gpu, and HDs.
AMD XP 3200+
2x512mb Mushkin LV2 RAM
Asus A7N8X Deluxe NF2 Mobo
Nvidia 6800ultra
2x80GB raptors
500w Ultra-Xconnext PSU
Audigy2 ZS

Ended up auctioning off most everything but reused the memory, PSU, and soundcard. My new dualcore rig is composed of: (price I paid, all new retail)

--Koolance PC-720bk cooling cpu, chipset, and gpu ($250 for case, plus all waterblocks)
--DFI Lanparty UT Ultra-D ($95)
--AMD X2 3800+ ($266 from during their 20% off sale)
--BFG 7800GT ($250 from bestbuy after selling off the free civ4 game)
--2x512MB Mushkin LV2
--Audigy2 ZS
--Seagate 7200.9 16mb 300GB HD ($70AR during Frys BF sale)
--WD Caviar 7.2/8mb 120GB HD ($10AR from CC after PM to walmart)
--Dell 2405FPW 24" LCD ($710 from recent sale)

So spent $940 for the tower not counting the LCD. Not too bad considering I sold my old case+waterblocks+raptors for $500, my MoBo/CPU for $250, and my graphics card for $350. Gotta love ebay :). Its amazing how much some peeps will pay for used goods when you promote it right and take good pics.

Also iInvested in some UV lights, looks sweet since the coolant, tubing, mobo, and PSU cables are all UV reactive. Looks very classy :).

Didn't get a chance to play around with it too much since finals are this week and I wanted to experince CS:S at its full 1920x1200 glory but the settings currently:

CPU: 2.7GHz 9x300 3XHT @ 1.525v startup and 1.5v constant.
RAM: 250FSB @ 3-4-4-9 2.9v mem divider @ 5/6.
I know that its better to run low latencies and my ram can go up to ~210FSB @ 2-2-2-7 but somehow the 2/3divider for my current cpu settings doesn't work. Like CPUZ cant read the fsb and it would fail memtest86 and be horribly unstable.
Graphics: 505/1220 (stock was 400/1000)

Thanks to the watercooling, temps are very good, running cooling fans at 1/10-2/10 speed settings. The radiator uses 2x120mm exhaust fans which is controlled by the speed settings. I also got 2x80mm (22dba/27cfm) fans running full speed at intake and 2x antec 80mm fans (30dba/34cfm) running 60% in back for exhaust. Overall, a very quiet hum. Not distracting at all. Low noise is the main payoff in watercooling for me.

I know I can build a cooler, more efficient watercooling system using custom parts but Koolance's benefit is its super easy to setup, looks very nice integrated with the case, super quiet (especially since I moved from the PC2-650 to the PC3-720 case. Old case used 3x80mm fans and had speed settings of only 45% or 100% fan speed. New case uses 2x120mm fans and have 10-100% in 10speed increments. Also, uses 1/2" instead of 3/8" tubing for higher flow.) Plus, I got the whole package for a steal. Normally the case retails for $350, CPU block for $50, GPU block for $80, and Chipset for $35. So Got the stuff for 1/2 price.

Temps are idle/load.
CPU temps are 36/44 with minimum fan speed. With fans full speed, temps are 30/39.
GPU temps are 44/47 min fan. Full speed, temps are 35/41 Old temps with the stock 7800GT cooler (super loud, about 45dba at full speed) were 51/70) (all temps are at OC'ed settings.)
Chipset temps are 35/38 min fan. Full speed, temps are 32/35. With stock fan, temps were 45/63
HD temps are ~33c for the 300GB (also system drive) and ~31 for the 120GB.

From my of the cuff feelings, system during games isn't that much faster (since 7800GT is not dramatically faster than the 6800U) but when I die while playing, I can alt-tab out and surf etc. So the multtasking is nice.

Also, when running adaware or something, everything is noticably peppier. Biggest improvement is when I convert DVDs to 1.4GB divx files. I use Fairuse 1.4, and aparently the program is optimzed for dual threads because when its converting, CPU usage for both cores at @ 100%.

With my system, the FPS conversion rate is 105-115fps. Wow!
In comparison, my old XP3200+ OC'ed to 2.4GHz got 24-33fps and my old dell 9300 notebook with a 2.13GHz centrino got 26-35fps.

Unbelievable how the X2 is like 3X faster.

I also bought myself a new Dell 700M laptop so now I got the best of both worlds. A killer desktop with a 24" display for gaming/power user and a ultra-portable 3.9lb 12" notebook for taking to class.

Specs on notebook: (bought for $900 during recent dell promotion)
2GHz centrino
Intel 2100 wireless
1GB memory
12" 1280X800 Truelife (glossy) LCD
64mb shared Intel2 graphics :(
8cell battery (good for 5-6hrs runtime)
cdrw/dvd combo drive
1yr warranty

So far so good, even if I had totally depleted my prior summer's savings. Now once I get done with finals, I will shoot for a 2.8-3GHz goal on the CPU. Haven't bumped voltage past 1.5 yet, will prob max it around 1.6 or so.

If you guys have any tips to optimize my cpu OC, that would be greatly appreciated! Cheers!

P.S.. If anyone knows how to post up pics, I will also upload pics of the new setup here.
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  1. first off....have you ryed giving your RAM 3.4v's? Your board cand do it and your RAM are winbonbd BH chips. Exactly the same as the VX line from OCZ....they can handle extra voltage and keep the 2-2-2-5 upto 260fsb.

    So you could run them 1:1 with 2-2-2-5 timings....maybe you tryed, maybe not.

    You can post pictures easily....go to so you can have access to yur pictures all the time. Then upload them, then take the link they give you (direct link is the one i would use) Come back....when you are typing use the "Img" button so it is

    the picture will show up HUGE a preview but the final post will scale it automatically.

    Other then that....CONGRATS!!!

    I am SUPER jellous of your setup.
  2. I don't believe these ram chips are BH5. I had some mushkin 222 specials that were bh6 and some Mushkin Level2 PC3500 and Corsair PC3500LLs that were BH5s. I just googled the mushkin V2s and it seems they use the TCCD chips. I know the mushkin Redlines are identical as the OCZ VXs, I dunno about the V2s though. Plus, I heard with 3+volts, you really need active cooling on the ram chips and I don't have a fan directly blowing on them. So i dunno.

    The highest voltages I've gone up to is 2.9. With that, I coudln't even get the ram stable at 250FSB 2.5-3-3-8, so I highly doubt it'll do 2-2-2-5.

    P.S., whos that chick in your avatar? I feel like googling her for one of my future wallpapers :).
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