CMOS checksum error - defaults loaded. A battery problem?

Just got this error message on my AMD CPU based Abit KG7 mobo. Isnt that a mobo battery thats losing power problem? The system would lock and then Id have to hard reboot. Does anyone know the battery voltage and battery number for the Abity KG7 mobo? Thanks.
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  1. If it happens on a system that's been running fine for a time, then yes, its likely a battery problem.

    I don't know the battery exactly, but I'm sure ABit does.

  2. Most boards now use the model 2032 3v watch battery. But the error is often caused by other problems, nearly anything that causes a POST error, which could include a bad battery.
  3. When I had this problem, I reflashed my bios and the error went away. A few months later the computer was rebooting ever few days. After 2 weeks of this it ended up shuting down and never started back up again. I replaced the MB and the problem was fixed. My guess was the bios went bad somehow. Just a little info on my experience.
  4. Yes, his board is likely from the erra of bad capacitors, and likely had the warranty extended to something like five years following the Abit settlement. He should inspect the board for bad caps and get it replaced free if needed.
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