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Hey guys,

AMD Athlon 2400+ OC'd to 2600+
Asus A7N8X Deluxe mobo
PNY 512MB DDR PC 2700
ATi Sapphire Radeon 9700NP w/Arctic Cooling ver.3.0@275/270.

That's my current system setup. I want to run my system in Dual Channel mode. Is it true that dual channel will only run at DDR 400 PC3200 and do I have to use ECC RIMM?

I have tried to run another module my existing RAM but it won't boot. This RAM has been running in the system for over two years now so I can't complain about it. If I could find another I'd buy it. PNY Technologies is not known for DDR-RAM.

I thought dual channel was a pair of the same type of RAM on the first two banks. Be it 256, 512, 1024 or 64x8, 128x4,and so on, SIMM or DIMM. As long as the two sticks are compatible, correct?

The reason I want to upgrade RAM is I do a lot of multi-media. For example, downloading music, watching a movie, burning a CD/DVD, encoding and surfing all at the same time. The soundstorm chip is awesome by the way! I've also noticed that when I have too many sites open, the system starts bogging down. I realize that theSocket 462/A and the Athlon 2400+XP is coming of age so I bumped the frequencies up a notch and it's running stable @2600.

I don't want to throw this system out the window 'cause I'm still owning in America's Army. I can still play Doom3, Spellforce, and Quake 4. I know, I'm on the borderline w/ my old reliable 9700NP.

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  1. dual channel is ran with 2 sticks of memory that are the same size. 2x256, 2x512, etc. You dont need to run ecc ram unless your running a server type computer with a motherboard that will support ecc ram.
    Dual channel will run at any speed. I have ddr running at 266 (133x2) in an athlon 1.4, 400mhz in a athlon 64 3200+.
    How many sticks are you runninng right how? Ill assume 2x256. If you stick in a 3rd stick you wont be running dual channel. Its possible the memory speed was not the same as your origional 2 sticks or the stick is bad.
    You might try running just the one stick by itself to see if it works or not.
    Many newer boards and some older ones will let you run dual channel using 4 sticks of memory. In that case not all sticks have to be the same size, only the two that are paired together in dual channel. You could run 2x256 and 2x512 if you wanted to.
  2. If you want to find out if your motherboard is running dual chan or not , and you dont want to really get dirty inside your machine one solution ( had the same question once) was to install PCwizard from
    copy out all the info concerning your mother board and send it to the Asus technical elves. they usually know what to extract from the mountain of info that you get from Pc wizard.

    the other more intelligent solution (which i did after , cos, non the less i trust only what i can read and learn about) is to check out first the asus site , collect info about your Motherboard!
    HERE =>

    so as you can prolly ready; it does support 2xchan memory functionality, BUT! and there is a but, u must use 2 sticks of ram . Now the big question u're asking your self is where do i , how do i, put them. well, since my long trek to the asus temple of technological wizdom ( and since i've got only asus boards at home) i shall impart some of my experimental wisdom with you :
    case 1 : one stick on each slot pair => bingo u're in 2Xchan mode. 8)
    case 2: both sticks on the same pair ( the top one for example) ==> dinna work, u're in single chan. :cry:
    case 3: one stick => EERRRRR wrong again little grasshopper, wont work! normal the Mobo has to write on both sticks at the same time. :oops:

    of course you have to have the same size stick in order for this to work.
    so :
    heres the math :
    1x TYPE A + 1x TYPE B ==> NO
    1x TYPE A + 1x TYPE A ==> YES!!

    example :
    1x512 Mb + 1x 256 Mb ==> NO :cry:
    1x512 Mb + 1x 512 Mb ==> YES :lol:

    now I didn't tell you this, and prolly asus will deny this but
    this works for some reason ( tired and tested on a P4C800 deluxe , prolly my luck)
    pair slot A 1x512 Mb (top one)
    pair slot B 2x256 MB
    technically IT DINNA WORK CAPTAIN, for some reason it does

    from what I understand you have one stick?? then u can't work in dual chan. might be a good idea for a Xmas present, considering that they are cheap now :wink:

    oh by the way : the info that u AB-SOL-UT-LY need registered RAM modules ( ECC type) in order to run it in dual channel is BULL. Mobo makers and ram makers are in the cohoots with this. ALL my Mobos are non ECC ram modules ( apacer to be exact) and ALL my mobos which are 2Xchan cap. are running in Dual chan.
    the only point is that you have to have 2 modules the same size ( appart from that one comupter which can do it with 3.... it always did wierd things, so i am inclined to say it's a one off.
    to resume :
    A) the golden rule in 2xchan operations : a number of pair, equal ram modules 2xA or 4xB , not 1xB+2xA (or if you have a gigabtye Mobo 1xA+2xB or 3xB or 2xA+3xB) IMPAIR NUMBER WILL NOT FUNCTION.
    B) A pair of SAME ram modules Freq, size
    C) u have to plug them in the right slots. usually in different pair slots

    I'd look in your Mobos explanation booklet, there's bound to have a scetch explaining where and how to install them

    . happy Channeling ^^
    Merry Christmas :D
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