Asus A8N SLI Deluxe & 20pin PSU

So I got my Asus board this weekend and to my surprise when I was hooking everything up I noticed that the power supply connection was 24pin. After much research and talking to my friend I was informed that i was able to use my old 20pin Antec 430watt PSU and that it would work fine. So i tried it and to my surprise it worked! I have tested it for about 3 days now and everything seems to be stable (knocks on wood). Been playin games and such for a few hours and leaveing 3DMark01 all night in loop mode with no problems.

My question is I currently have only one evga 7800gt hooked up. If i want to go SLI, do i need to get a new 24pin PSU or will a new 20pin PSU work fine? (Buying a new PSU when I do SLI as I don't think 430watts will cut it). And what PSU will be good for this board useing SLI?

AMD 3700+ 64-bit 939
Antec 430 watt PSU
2 gig OCZ Plat.
1x evga 7800GT
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  1. If you're going to go SLI, then the decision on whether or not to go w/ a new PSU is irrelevant. You're going to need a new PSU- period.

    Anything above 500 watts will do. Antec, Enermax, Thermaltake are all good PSU's. If you want to be totally legit, look for PSU's that say "SLi Certified."

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