What are some good 2.1 speakers around $100 for Christmas?

I need to get some good 2.1 speakers for a Christmas present. I currently have some nice Klipsh (sp) 2.1 speakers but don't want to spend over a hundred on this Christmas present. Any suggestions as to what I should look at? Any brands I should look at?

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  1. At $100, I would do away with 2.1 altogether and go with 2.0 (it's probably nicer this way, better sound quality and its also portable).

    Klipsch 2.0 would be my first suggestion at $99, it's a phenomenal performer at this price.

    Altec Lansing MX5020, not far behind at around $80 retail.

    Both of these are 2-way designs (although I believe the Klipsch may be 2.5-way with the dual midranges).
  2. The Labtec Pulse series used to be a great 2.1 set for the price... I have a set and they sound great. I'm not sure about the newer sets, as mine is at least 5 years old now. I can't remember the model, but Maximum PC raved about them being the best damn 2.1s for under $100.
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