How to install mail for windows 7

I've installed Windows Live but am at a los as to what to do next
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  1. Unfortunatly Microsoft have removed Windows Mail from Windows 7 because of all the legal anti-trust stuff against them. You can read more about this here...

    Your options with Win7 are using Live Mail ( or loading on Office and using OUTLOOK or use a download site like filehippo and get a copy of Thunderbird or another freebie email program.

    If you want to use the original Windows Mail program (as with Vista), and you still have a PC with Vista installed on it, you can copy the program from one PC to another.

    Here is a link that explains how to do

    Hope this helps ?
  2. Welcome to THF, Alice! I assume you mean that you installed the Windows Live Essentials package from Microsoft, which includes Windows Live Mail. Here's a step-by-step walkthrough on how to set up an email account in Windows Live Mail.
  3. Go to and DL the latest version of Thunderbird... their e-mail client.
  4. I think Windows Live Mail is a little better than the Windows Mail client anyhow. Outlook Express couldn't handle the inbox file being larger than 1GB.
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