Install graphics card: "Y" power cable? (and power

My GeForce 6800 GT (AGP) came with a "Y" power cable.

My question is about the "Y" power cable, and how do I need to hook this up?

From what I understand, the "Y" power cable is simply a splitter, so I don't necessarily need to connect both "Y" pieces to anything, just one.

Is this correct?

Or, do I need to make sure both ends of the "Y" cable are connected to some other power cords to get the right amount of power to my video card?

I cannot remember off the top of my head what my power supply specs are. I did look on my inventory sheet (came with PC) and it is adequate for my cards power needs.

However I also have a separate question regarding my power supply. It seems there is a switch in the back (not on/off switch) with some numbers written on it. What does this switch do? Does this change the amount of power coming through the unit or is it something else?

I'm a noob when it comes to hardware, so I appreciate the help!
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  1. 1) Correct. You dont need to and shouldnt hook up both ends on the 'y' cable.

    2) the switch on the back that reads 115 on one side and 220 or 230 on the other side is used to set the incoming voltage so the power supply can be used in different countries. In the US set it to 115, Europe I believe is 230, not sure on other areas.
  2. Excellent. Thanks so much!
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