STOP: c0000263 {Driver entry point not found}

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I get subject message after trying to do a "Repair" of NT4-SP6a.
Additionally, it says "The \SystemRoot\System32\Drivers\mssermou.SYS device
driver could not locate the entry point ExFreePoolWithTag in the driver

The only thing I can find in the knowledge Base is;en-us;157564
which says "on upgrade on WIN NT4 to Win NT3.51" Any help would be
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  1. Had a similar problem, but the device driver was different. Tried repairing, reinstalling the OS to no avail. Turns out the problem was the driver itself that I kept reloading at the end of each repair/reinstall. Find the driver in a folder other than \Winnt and delete it. Run the system in safe mode with network support and download and install the latest driver.
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