What P4 chip does a P3 1000 equate to?

I bought a P3 1000 laptop with 256mb ram and was wondering what P4 chip it would most closely resemble? Maybe a Celleron D 1.6?

Any thoughts on equivilent processing power?

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  1. That is pretty close
  2. an old Willy 1.4Ghz P4...? :D
  3. I'd suggest looking at Tomhardware CPU charts - But they seem to be down (at least for me) :?
  4. Quote:
    I'd suggest looking at Tomhardware CPU charts - But they seem to be down (at least for me) :?
    I would look at this article too:


    It compares the Dothan (Pentium M) chip to the Pentium 4 and Athlon processors. They talk about the old PIIIs in this article and how good they were.

    As early as 2000, THG observed that the Pentium 4's performance was clearly inferior to that of its predecessor, the Pentium III, on a clock-for-clock basis. On the other hand, the newer design had one undeniable advantage: it could reach much higher clock speeds. This was the weakness of the Pentium III design, which hit a clock speed barrier as a result of thermal problems - a fact that THG helped uncover. More information about the Pentium III's thermal problems can be found in this article Intel Admits Problems With Pentium III 1.13 GHz: Production and Shipments Halted .
  5. PIII 1000EB would be comparable to a P4 1.4 with RDRAM. Unfortunately your laptop might use a mobile version of the 1000E, with a slower bus speed, making it similar to a P4 1.3 with RDRAM.

    On the other side, P4's really performed poorly with PC133, so it's likely similar to a P4 1.7 with PC133...
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