Socket 478 motherboard with pci express x16 slot

I'm not having much luck finding boards with a pci express x16 slot with a CPU socket 478. I did find one but it's a no name. Anyone have a recommendation?
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  1. The ASUS P4GD1 is a socket 478 with PCI-E. but its not that stable i only used it for 4 months then boooom!!! off goes to my trash can. :( but i dunno if your not gonna OC it.. my friend OC it for me so that might be one of the reason.
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  2. im guessing you want it cause your after a pci-e video card, if you did have a pci-e video card the cpu wouldnt be able to power it enough anyhow (at best it would perform like a slower setup) - buy a new AGP video card and buy a new board/psu/video set later.
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  3. WTF are you talking about? P4 3.2E is just as fast as a P4 540 or whatever the S775 version of the 3.2E is. And NO card is fast enough to take advantage of AGP8x, let alone PCIe x16.

    Since neither the CPU socket type nor the card interface is a limitting factor, we're still left with ALL CPU's being "too slow" and ALL graphics cards being "a limiting factor".
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  4. NewEgg has a Biostar P4M900M4 for a 478 socket with pci-16 for $59 (49with $10 rebate), Shiping is free
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  5. I have the Biostar board. Its not an overclocker (took my P4 3.0 to 3.3Ghz) but seems stable and reliable enuf. Been running it for 3-4 months as a BOINC + Folding@home machine w/ 8600GTS
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  6. why have this thread been reopened i bet groundhogster has upgraded to i7 by now :P.
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  7. Well, it's 2017 and I still have FOUR S478 boards around that need GPUs...I have even more CPUs for the boards. Conventional PCI GPUs are getting harder and harder to find these days and my 8400GS just hit the can with a desoldered memory chip and a bunch of blown caps.
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