nvidia GeForce 5500 works with DOOM3?


I have a AMD Athylon(tm) XP 1600+
clockspeed: 1.40 GHz, 512 MB
service pack 2
with a NVidia Geforce FX 5500

am i able to even play doom 3, or is this impossible?
could anyone please help me
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  1. Yeah you can play it... on low settings. Download the demo to be sure.

  2. Good luck getting it to work once the lights go off in most sections and the level is lit by your flashlight.
  3. My system is as follows:
    AMD XP2800+ Barton
    GF FX5900
    1Gig of ram

    I can play doom 3 on lowest settings at 1024x786, with decent performance.. and that means 50 fps avg..

    So if you extrapolate from there, i personaly think you haven't got what it takes.. But you should see for yourself, download the demo
  4. Let's see - half the video speed, half the ram, and a notch or three slower CPU? Let's hear back about the demo results - it should be interesting at least :)
  5. He'll never tell us what he ends up doing.

    Half the retards take the advice and run. Never bother to come back and thank anyone. Bastards.

  6. I played and finished Doom 3 on my Athlon XP 1600+, 768mb SDRAM, GF2 64MB. It was ugly and choppy but it was possible. Generally always lower than 20fps 8)

    The expansion, however, ran even worse...
  7. yoyo,i hav a system juz like urs usin the same card...n guess wat?
    doom 3 runs fine in medium settings.
    i even try to run it in ultra....n the result was an average of 20fps...
    amazing....isnt it? still in a very much playable mode :wink:
  8. Yeah, for me Doom3 ran pretty much the same on low and medium. What made a big difference in fps was turning on/off some of the advanced settings.

    Though if you could call 20fps playable I'm not sure... :wink:
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