THG overclookers - Please verify

Hi guys... how you doing!

Well I have had a little bit of a problem with my rig lately...

Yes I am overclooking...

here goes


Athlon 64 3200+ (currently overclocked to 3870+ on standard cooling)
2000Mhz Wechester core, clocked to 2400MHz

2 x 256MB 3200 Samsung moduals

Gigabyte GA-K8NS-939
nForce3 Ultra chipset

Leadtech A400 Geforce 6800LE
6800 with only 8 pipes but I have manage to unlock 4 extra pipes so it now has 12 funtioning pipes

The Rig works like a bomb at this configeration, Very stable.

here is the problem, about a month ago I tried to up my RAM to 1 gig with 2 x corsair 512 moduals and all sorts of wierd stuff was happening, I could not overclock at all, if i upped my clock speed even just to 210MHz it would do wierd... stuff. So I took them out and stuck with the 256 samsungs.

Then two weeks later I got a X-Fi and a second 200gig harddrive. Still the rig was stable. Till last night when I tried to up the RAM to 1 gig with kingston moduals... same problems cant overclock...

This is the catch and I think this is my Rigs weakness... It only has a 300 watt power supply, supporting 2 hard drives, X-Fi, DVD writer, 6800, nforce3 mobo, and Athlon64...

Would an extra 512 modual draw so much power

Thanks for your time
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    Yes thats your problem...the PSU can't take it.

    You are drawing too much on the 12V rail....they why you culd add a HDD but not RAM.

    Get a new PSU and you are good to go
  2. Thanks man i thought that might be the problem... It is amazing how you could over look something like that... Atleast it is fixable just get a new psu!!!!
  3. Hey just throwing somethig out at ya.....hopefully you didn' buy a PSU yet.

    Buy a beast one....that way it will go into your next system too without choking something.

    A 500W enermax, FSP, Silverstone, PC Power and Cooling, OCZ modstream, And a couple others will work for many years. they range in price from $75-$250. i would get a 535Enermax Whisper 2 from newegg for $85
  4. Hey pickxx thanks for the heads up...

    I am from South Africa so it cant help me much, I boutght a Antec Smartpower 2 500W PSU, and it is priddy.

    All my problems are sorted out, Have managed to push my 3200+ to a 4035+ (2000MHz to 2550Mhz) on standard cooling and with one gig RAM

    All my benchmarks have inceased even 3dmark2005 has inceased from 3700 to 4100 or so...

    Thanks for everthing!
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