Best antivirus for windows 7 ultimate

i want to know the best antivirus software for windows 7
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  1. I would suggest Kaspersky, Bitdefender or NOD32 (ver 4) all are pretty good.

    If you're looking for a free alternative, there's Microsoft Security Essentials available free from the Microsoft site....
    who says there's no such thing as a free lunch!!??!
  2. kis or kas if you want to pay. avira if you want it free... avira is the only competent free av out there, yeah you will hear people batter on about avast and avg but really they aint even in the same league...

    as for Microsoft essentials, you may as well have no av if your using that... it really is worthless... and yes im talking from experiance not just fanboy drivel.
  3. I have used avast for a few years now and have had no problems. I wouldn't say avast and avg are not in the same league as avira.
  4. kis is good for you , just have a try
  5. 207249 said:
    i want to know the best antivirus software for windows 7

    The antivirus programs listed at these sites were reported as being the best for Windows 7:;contentBody;1d

    I have used most of these programs with good results, especially Avast, Avira, Vipre, GData, and Kingsoft. It is not recommended to use Avast, GData or Vipre, if you also want to use Microsoft Security Essentials, though, because those programs will disable MSE. I tried reactivating MSE and scanning with it while using GData and a battle ensued between the two programs, leaving MSE incinerated and the Avast portion of GData unable to update, which effectively disabled GData (a combination of Avast and BitDefender), and I had to reinstall it before it would work again. I was never able to reinstall MSE without uninstalling GData, though, and then doing a clean install of MSE. However, if you don't care about MSE being disabled, Avast, GData and Vipre are all great AV programs.

    Good cloud-based programs are Panda and Kingsoft. They will not disable MSE. Avira will not either. In fact, I was able to run it alongside Kingsoft without any problems, by configuring each not to scan each other. If you use Kingsoft, though, upgrade to the paid version. I tried the free version on my Win 7 and it would not update, because the free registration number would not work. I still have the free Kingsoft on my XP computer, though, with the free registration number working. There is no support on the Kingsoft site, though, which is based in China. They do not answer your emails and their entrance code box type-ins do not work to allow you into their forum to ask a question (none of the codes I typed in were accepted).

    Right now I am bucking the trend by using MSE alongside Immunet Free (another cloud-based AV that is only 1.28 MB). I am not sure Immunet is among the best AVs, but the combination with MSE should be adequate and they don't take up a lot of space. I have good firewall protection, use a TOR connection, Peer Blocker and Trusteer Rapport (good for banking or other online transactions), and I also use portable AVs on my flash drive for additional scanning for viruses. These include ClamWinPortable, Emisoft Emergency Kit, Filavut, OPSWAT Malware Scanner, Remove Fake Antivirus, Viruclean, Cureit, Housecall, and Stinger. So far, they have not identified any viruses. I also use several anti-malware programs, including Malware Defender and Malware Fighter, and have one default browser run in Private Mode inside a virtual sandbox. When I go virtual, any viruses that entered my computer would be wiped out upon restart, unless they were already there before I went virtual. That's where a combination of things in your arsenal, including good AV programs, should keep them out or remove them, when necessary.

  6. gdata! it is bitdefender and avast under 1 gui!
  7. avast seems pretty good
  8. sorry m8 its looks good has lots of shields but it lasted less than a week on my pc .
    i reinstalled avira and found 4 infections. then again it does depend on surfing habits. but if your online banking you really do need something more secure than avg or avast
  9. I was an Avast user for 5-6 years on XP.
    Since Win7 i switched to MSE and haven''t had any problems in 15 months.
    I'm not a safe surfer btw.
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