My set up is :

athlon 64 san diago 4000+
antec true power 550 watt
EVGA 7800gtx w/ ACS3
2gb of corsair xms ram
wester digital 3.0/gbs 250 gb harddrive

Should I go with cheaper Asus premium ($160) or DFI lan party ($170),
Or save up and go with thw high dollar asus deluxe. ($230)......

:D :D :D :D :D :D
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  1. HEY Man!!!

    Easy question!!!

    You should buy the MB acoording to the spec's and the money that you have!!!

    Also you can make a research on other MB, like MSI and others, you have a wide field of view in MB purchase.

    Good Luck in your purchase!! I hope that this answer will help you in your decision!!!

  2. It depends if you want to use SLI in the future or not!
    You have a 7800 card which is the most powerfull one right now on the market, it even outperforms some sli systems!
    if you plan to use SLI go for the delux mb from asus (I have one and the bundlig is very good , and the performance too), if not peremium it will do!
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