K8N Neo2 Platinum - Formatting SATA Hard drives

Hi All,

I've got a new K8N neo2 Platinum MB and a Seagate 300 gig SATA drive 2 X 512 DDR. When doing the "Full Format" during the initial install phase from the XP pro install CD The format is taking over 2 hours??? In all other systems i have done the format takes less than 15 minutes for this size drive. Is there a BIOS setting I've got wrong or something silly like that. I've gone through the BIOS and tried to change anything i thought would be of any benefit one way or the other. I've used the Optimized settings in BIOS. I've reset the BIOS. I've virtually done everything i can think of and after each change i remove the partition and repartition it then reformat using a Full format and the result is the same over 2 hours.

Any advice anyone has would be really appreciated.

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  1. Maybe it's completely zeroing out the drive. Still that seems rather long.
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