Best graphics card around $300?

I've been staring and comparing all day, just not sure which way to go.... I'ld like to have the higher pixel shader and was looking at ATI, but the X1800 is definitly out of my price range, and the x1600 is below it. I'm tired of looking up the specs and comparing for today :) Anyone have some ideas on about what might be the best ATI or NVIDIA graphics card I could get for around $300?
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  1. not sure about pricing on ATI cards... but at you can get an eVGA 7800 GT for $299, actually the same one im getting for christmas :)
  2. 7800GT. Hands down. Great card for SLI.

  3. you might also try an x800xt AIW if you, by chance, were looking into multimedia capabilities as well. It performs very well and i don't regret it.
  4. The X800XT AIW is a nice multimedia card, but it doesn't hold a candle to the 7800 as far as gaming goes.
  5. I think I will go with the Geforce 7800 GT. Thanks for the input!
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