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I've realised my CPU heatsink fan(is that what u call it? the big squarish fan thing that clips onto the processor itself) is kinda noisy. Especially so when I just removed the casing cover. When I waited for a minute or so, the fan noise became quieter noticeably(is this because since i took out the casing cover, so the air flow is less obstructed? more airflow?). Correct me if i'm wrong, the CPU regulates the fan speed right?

That all said, what do you guys recommend? Getting a better heatsink fan? If so, what brand would be good? And if a particular heatsink fan's rpm is lower than the stock intel one, does it necessarily mean it is less capable of dissipating heat from the processor?

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  1. Please post this question in the Cooler and Heatsink section..

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