Best Overclocking CPU for around $400?

Hello all!

I'm looking for a CPU. Was wondering what you guys thought. I was trying to decide between a 64 x2 4200 and a 64 4000+. Then I read that the x2 4200 has fairly good overclocking possibilities that might make it worth it. Read further and found that the Opteron 170 with 1MB cache might be a good dual core candidate as well. I'm pretty much a tried and true AMD fan, but am willing to look into Intel as well. Sheesh... I've been out of the scene for two years and everything seems so much different 8O So I'm needing some advice.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Get the opteron 170....3Ghz on air coolnig...thats the best thing going right now.

    The X2's get close 2.8 or maybe a special chip 3Ghz on air and the 4000+ seeem to crap out around 2.8 maybe 3 with a good chip.

    opterons are hand they will get to 3ghz+ on air easy and maybe 3.2 with a good chip.

    Opteron 170, SI-120, good fan, AS5, you are good to go to 3Ghz.
  2. Well, I think after much thought, I am going to go with Opteron 170 and try to see what I can get out of it with air cooling and the MSI NEO4 Plat... Any thoughts about this? Any HSF suggestions?
  3. Think the 165's are better bang for the buck compared to the 170's?
  4. Quote:
    Think the 165's are better bang for the buck compared to the 170's?

    Yes, they seem to reach the same overclock. The only difference is the multiplyer, the price, and the fact that the 165's are rarer, so get'm wile you can.
  5. Are today's 165's and 170's still having the same performance and still easily overclockable? I heard the 165 is reaching the same speeds as a 170 on air. So should I just go for a 165, or should I be able to get more out of a 170 than a 165?
  6. They do about the same overclock. They only difference is the multiplyer

    165 is x9
    and 170 is x10

    Get what you want or w/e how much you want to spend.
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