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Hello all,

Recently, it seems my mobo and processor went bad. Its not the power supply, vid card or monoter so I assume the comp not booting up is the mobo and processor.

My current system specs are:
* ASUS P4P800S, S.478, 533/800FSB, Audio/LAN, DDR333/400, Retail Box
* Intel Pentium™ 4 3.00GHz HT 512K 800FSB S.478 Retail Box
* 2x 512Mb DDR400 PC3200 (1Gb Total)
* 1.44Mb 3.5 Mitsumi Black Floppy Drive OEM
* 120Gb Serial ATA Maxtor 8Mb 7200rpm
* LiteOn Combo 48x24x48-16 IDE Black CD-RW/DVD-Rom OEM
* Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy-2 6.1 OEM
* RaidmaX CP868S Black MidTower 420W P.S. w/2 Front USB
* 2x Case Cooling Fans
* Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical Keyboard & Mouse Black
* Microsoft Windows XP Home
* ATI Radeon 9800xt

I am thinking about the following parts:

Mobo- A8N32-SLi Deluxe
Proc- AMD4400+
vcard- Nvidia 7800 gtx
Ram- 2Gigs

Alot of the tech is quite new and expensive, I am wondering if it is worth upgrading to the above parts or is it overkill and maybe i should just replace my processor and mobo, and wait a year or so to build a new system. The primary use of my computer is video games, I play alot of world of warcraft, FPS, and soon Dungeons and Dragons Online.

If you feel I should just replace mobo and processor please reccomend a good combo.
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  1. Quote:
    Alot of the tech is quite new and expensive

    lol, you chose one of the most expsensive cpu's, motherboards, graphics cards, and 2GB of ram you dont need

    YOu can do a simple upgrade for MUCH less.

    A 3200+ venice core would be faster then your intel one you have now....much faster, and get the Abit AN8 NF4 Ultra chipset, reuse your ram, and get the 7800GT....that right there is about 95% as fast as the setup you had.....but at LESS then half the price. in fact its about 1/3rd the price.

    you dont need dual core for gaming, single core is still the fastest, you dont need 2GB of ram untill you have a great cpu/ should be spent GPU->cpu->motherboard->ram. You should take the money your spending on new ram and you can affrod a much beter setup.

    pick a budget and i will help
  2. My budget is around $1500, give or take a couple hundred. The reason I am not sure about completely rebuilding is that my rig was running everything maxed so I had no need for any upgrades yet.
  3. lol, no yuor rig wasn't running everything maxed.....unless you are pl;aying games from like 2001.

    Maybe at like 800x600 you had all the setting

    but to say a game is maxed out....for me it would have to be able to go 1600x1200 all options se highest including 4AA 8AF (or whatever the max is.) and maintain 60+ 75% of the time.

    For WoW, only 3-4 cards can do that....not a 9800XT....not even close.

    $1500 for a cpu, motherboard, GPU, ram?? (and PSU)That is very doable.

    I would go with this...

    EPoX EP-9NPA+ SLi Socket 939 $137

    Opteron 170 $460

    2X BFG 7800GT$350each $700 total(it has some MIR that take it down to
    $320 each at newegg....bundled WITH COD2 so you would get two copies of the game and you coudl sell one to a friend or ebay to lower the cost here)

    PSU....ENERMAX Whisper II EG565P-VE FMA(24P) ATX12V 535W Power Supply $90

    Ram....OCZ OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K $207 after rebate from Newegg

    That puts you right at $1500 after rebates.

    you could cu down the price by getting 1 7800GT, ot by lowering your CPU to a 3200+ venice or 3700+ San Diego.....

    but with $1500...this is a DAMN fine system....btw, this system should overclock nicely to around 3GHz for your cpu to help lessen the bottleneck there.
  4. Thanks a bunch for the help it is greatly appreciated and I like that system.

    I think i will buy one 7800 for now and wait a couple months to buy another when the price drops a bit, doesnt seem like 2 cards are making a huge difference right now anyway. Do you think there are any games out right now, that 2 cards are needed?

    Oh and you were correct, I always have AA turned off, not worth the hit to performace for the minimal enhancements i get. I had AF at 4, so not quite maxed but close enough for my book. I would have been happy for another year.

    I loved the 9800xt, worked great for me and had no troubles with it, ran hot as hell though, had to have the side panel off when playing WOW for 10hrs straight, but I think that is more my addiction problem....
  5. there is a difference between what is NEEDED and what is better

    If you game at 16x12 and wan full AA and full AF and 60fps+ on all games...this setup will do that. WoW, BF2, FEAR....

    You gave me a budget i filled it with the best possible gaming rig.

    now if you just want to play the games with things turned down to ed, or low settings you could gt a 6800GS, 3200+, 1GB of Ram and a cheap mobo....for about $400.

    but what i built for you will last about 3yrs playing anything on high and extend that to 5yrs if you dont mind medium settings.
  6. Oh, Im going with the setup you reccomended, will be ordering the stuff tommorow. Just going to order one vid card for now and buy another one in a couple months, seems a good way to save a few bucks.

    Btw, Say I wait a few months for the gtx 512 to come down in price, can i use that card with the Gt in Sli? Or do the cards have to be identical?
  7. Your chip and mobo should still be under warranty. I think it's just the mobo, but what the heck. They should still have good resale value. That P4c was one of the last of the best from Intel.
  8. endyen,

    How long do warranties last for things, I have had the system for close to 3yrs. I thought the warranties were for max of a year.
  9. Nope....yuo need either two GTX's or two GT's

    prices dont drop like you would think. Stock just runs out and they stop selling them. Look at the 6800GT....its as costly as a 7800GT and its half the performance.....New cards come out without the old ones going down too far.

    If you're going to get one card and wait atleast get the BFG 7800GTX and wait for another GTX to come down.

    you dont need the sam brand, you just need the same model
  10. Asus, and Intel retail warranties are bothe 3 years.
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