PLEASE somone help me with dual core memory configuration.

ok, my motherboard supports dual channel memory(motherboard is I have a few questions if somone could help me out. The motherboard config has 4 memory modules could I run TWO dual channel kits for instance..this is the first: that would go in slot 1 and 3.. the second set would be this: that would go in slot 2 and 4. Could i run both of those all at the same time or would that not work?? Would i need 4 of the same EXACT memory modules and memory capacity? Also I tried doing a mix match of memory all of the same speeds and that ended up F'N frying the motherboard so please somone help me out with this. If anyone could also suggest a 4 memory modules that will DEFINITLY work together in dual channel that would be great too thanks.
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  1. well... IDEALLY you would want all of the memory modules to be identical (same manufacturer, rated speed and timings, size, even production date)... but there shouldnt be any problems mixing different brands and module specs in a dual channel configuration, just as long as they can all operate reliably at the same settings (eg, you can mix 2*PC2700 256MB mushkin memory, 1*PC2100 512MB mushkin memory, and 1*PC3200 512MB corsair memory, and you wont have a problem, but you may have to operate at somewhat slower settings to ensure stability, because of the wide difference in rated speeds and timings), you shouldnt have a problem though
  2. thanks for the answere but im still a bit confused. Heres the current dual channel kit i have 2X512 of. Would I beable to add these, there model # do not match but they have the exact same specs.. plz help a noob! :)
  3. Like choirbass said, ideally you want identical memory.

    However, if the timings are exactly the same- they should all work fine at the specified timings.

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