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i just updated my drivers to ccc 11.4 and windows live has suddenly turned into a blurry mess. when i mouse over peoples names they sharpen up but as soon as i move or even click on a name the box blurs out again.
messenger isn't the only program to do this artrage does it to but that did it b4 the latest driver update....

basically what im asking is what if any cure is there apart from rolling back the driver.
i would prefer not to do that and figure out what the problem actually is and or whats causing it.
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  1. Did you check and see if clear type text box is checked
  2. yes m8 clear type is on.
    this problem has become more prevalent with each ati gfx driver update it seems to start at 10.9 and gets more intrusive with each install after that.
    i rolled back the driver to 11.2 last night as i needed to chat, and straight away the txt cleared up so its an amd display problem i guess. i would like to figure out what is causing it and hopefully fix it.
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