building gaming rig. Have a few simple questions

If I build a system from the ground up (i.e. new mobo, new proc, new memory etc) and reuse a hard drive from an existing computer do I need to reformat and reinstall the HD or will the settings configure themselves.
I no that seems like a basic question....but, if I knew the answer I wouldnt be asking.

Also, if I did need to reformat and reinstall os in new rig, is it possible to use an oem supplied winxp home reinstall disc (save from a dell dimension system) or would it require a non oem retail version.

One other thing, I plan on upgrading home ed. to xp pro as I have some unused licenses available for use.

Thank you in advance for the help!
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  1. If the existing OS is XP you should be able to throw the HDD into a different computer and most of the time it will boot. It will go through and load a ton of drivers for new hardware. If you cross your fingers it might work ok.

    If you can a fresh OS install is always a good thing, cleans out all the junk you've accumulated from using it.

    Your Dell disk will not work on a non-Dell system, the CD does a check of the motherboard to make sure it is a Dell system. It will give you an error and refuse to let you install. Unless someone has found a workaround I'd say a definate no on that one.
  2. In my experience, windows usually will not start, unless you are very very lucky. You can sometimes get by reinstalling windows over the old installation (a repair installation). I don't know if this is an option with the Dell disk (also, sometimes the OEM disks will only work with specific hardware, which would nullify the issue). If you are planning to upgrade to XP pro anyway, you might as well do a new clean install. Everything will run nicer and you will be less likely to have strange issues crop up that you can not figure out. If you don't have an XP Pro disk, order an OEM version from an online retailer (such as Newegg or Zipzoomfly) for less than a full retail version would cost. Although if you have the license already, borrow a disk from a friend.
  3. Thanks, thats not too far off from what I thought. I have a few copies of xp around the office here as a base install to accept the pro upgrade. Not totally legit I dont think, but should suffice :)
    Thanks for the reply
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