Had issues with starting Fallout 3 and the new Crysis demo. Also Comrade.
After removing Win 7 SP1 64 bit everything is working again. I emailed Microsoft Tech support on this and they said it was a problem with the other software. Also to run in compatability mode which did not work either.
I think I will wait a while before re installing SP1 again.
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  1. i run all them games apart from comrade and they work fine.
    update your gfx drivers, vc-redist and your direct x... you will need the sp1 versions as well
    look in your event logs and see why the games crashed...
    the chances are you have the default dx11 install that comes with windows
    but are missing other dx libraries.
  2. Well I have the latest Nvidia driver and the x64 and x86 vc and also it says I have the latest dx I guess i'll have to chec k the libraries
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    all the dx libraries you need to run the games come on the disk.
    in the redist folder.

    but there were sp1 updates to the vc redist. but i doubt they would affect the game as they wont be using them.

    like i said check the event viewer and look for the errors that the game created. you may find its seeminly unrelated.
    also i have heard of peeps having trouble when they have been using hd audio or just having it enabled. if you have a dedicated sound card and you use it exclusiveley then dissable all other audio drivers.
    if you dont have a dedicated card then you may still want to dissable the hd audio just for testing purposes... good luck.
  4. SP1 seems to be having issues all over, I'd not run it.
  5. Yes cleaned out every thing Using Norton as its free from my isp also malware bytes and spybot.
    I'll try it again this week end when I can mess with it.
    Also removed the drivers and then did a clean installof most of the drivers
  6. Any one else still having issues with sp1 for win7 64?
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