2 channel sound card, 4.1 speakers

I have an IBM Thinkpad R52 and a creative 4400 4.1 speaker system.
Unfortuanately the thinkpads only support Stereo Output via the Headphone jack.

Can I install some form of software that will emulate multiple channel output?
I tried searching but google let me down.
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  1. You can use a splitter and just have 4 front speakers (2 left and 2 right) lol. Other than that, you will need an external soundcard.
  2. well... i dont know if your laptop supports it, of if you would even want to purchase a sound card, but creative labs has an audigy 2 zs that works as an add-on card over pcmcia type II... so you can get the connections for multiple audio outs, and simulated multiple channel, all that stuff... thats better for gaming though than anything
  3. PCMCIA is probobly the best but costly option. If you want to simply have sound in all 4 speakers get the splitter as advised above. That will do for music.
    If you want surround sound that is correctly positioned in games and movies get extrenal soundcard. PCMCIA would be great but google for "USB sound card", too. There is plenty of them from Creative, Turtle Beach, M-Audio, Terratec etcetera...
  4. Thanx ppl
    I guess I'll just use the splitter. :D
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