so i jumped in with both feet !

This is my first attempt to install any Linux and mandrake 8 it was. during the install to my compac armada 7800 laptop I choose the wrong video setting and the screen is unreadable. is there a way, such as in win2k, to boot into a safe mode and change the video driver.
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  1. Well, not sure how exactly to do this in grub, but I'm sure it can be done...

    You need to supply an extra boot option to grub. In LILO, you would just enter the extra option after your desired boot image when you get the "boot:" prompt. You should either supply "single" (for single user mode) or "3" (for multiuser, with no X windows support). "3" would probably be best for your situation.


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  2. Oh, and even before you try that, you might be able to simply press "Ctrl-Alt-F1" (or one of the other 12 function keys besides F1) to get to a text-based console.


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  3. You can take graphics down just by pressing Ctrl+
    Alt+(F1-F6) (like Kelledin wrote), log in as "root" and write "init 3". Then run "Xconfigurator" or edit file named "XF86Config" manually (should be in "/etc/X11/" folder). If you have got your video configuration right, just write "init 5" and press Ctrl+Alt+F7 to get graphical login...
  4. This is so simple. Just boot off the cd again and choose upgrade. You'll go through the upgrade process, and it'll just say that everything has been installed and there isn't anything to upgrade (all of 30 seconds there). Then it'll let you choose your video settings again...

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  5. getting linux to run on a compaq laptop is near impossible... your best bet is suse... mandrake has good support for desktops but not the best... my friends compaq came coming up differently with every install and same settings... top 1/3 of screen missing 1/3 off the right once even only a small bar about 50 pixels high could be seen at the top of the screen... good luck... youll need it with a compaq

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  6. At this site is Compaq's overview of their Linux PCs, including Armada:

    So then you should be able to run RedHat or SuSE on your Laptop without much problems.
  7. well i have tried to reinstall and select a different driver but no go. when it boots for the first time to the GUI after install, the screen is segmented into about 6 vertical slices, i can see a portion of the desktop
    and a dialoge box that i can click onand drag, these are the width of the slices and repeat acroos the screen. i have tried the tft5000 and the tft 8000 montior settings with the same results. thanx for the link but my laptop is not listed but it gives me hope i will try suse or redhat next if no one has a solution for my display problem. it sucks to be this close.
  8. Well I have heard that Compaq has been quite Linux-friendly lately and their support sites does have some Linux information. You can try this white paper(a bit outdated though) which describes installation of Linux on Armada 7400/7800 Laptops:

    The problems you describe is most certainly caused by wrong configuration of the X-server or a wrong graphics driver. Mandrake 8 uses XFree86 4.0.3 which I am not sure has support for your S3Virge graphics driver. You could try to install XFree86 4.1.0 which has support for this driver(s3virge). You can download it at
  9. i have the white paper already. thanks for the link though. i will try the new version of xfree86. i will let ya know what happens.
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