1.4 tbird@1533 system for sale

I'm building a new system and as a ritual I'm selling this one.
also all parts are less than one month old
1.4@1.533 athlon ayhja y stepping
msi k7t turbo limited edition
3x512 kingston pc133 cas2
visiontek geforce 2 ti w/ blue orb attached
western digital 7200rpm 80gig harddrive
Sony 16x10x40 cdrw drive w/ powerburn
Sony 52x cdrom
Ttrtle beach Santa cruz
hllywood plus dvd decoder card w/ tv out
siig ata100 ide card
3com network card
antec sx1030 case
midiland s4 8100 5.1 sorround sound system w/ digital input
Philips 107s 17inch moniter
Optical internet wheel mouse
ergonomic keyboard
canon bjc 2110 printer
Windows xp home and pro ed.
I thinks thats all of it. no reasonable offer refused.

If you ever stop learning, YOU'ER DEAD!!
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  1. How mush for the t-bird alone? Will it go to 1800 w/ water cooling+peltier?

    NOS and a <font color=red> Ferrari </font color=red> can be fun! :cool:
  2. I havn't tried but it will go 1600 with a better air cooler. I cant sell parts only all of it.

    If you ever stop learning, YOU'ER DEAD!!
  3. "Water Cooling"

    Is this a joke ? Really ! Like in car radiator !
    Hell bells and whistles i'm starting to feel faint !
    Thouht i knew a bit about pcs but not sure anymore !

  4. yup thee is water coling foer pc's. It works the same way as the radiator in your car. go to and look around.

    If you ever stop learning, YOU'ER DEAD!!
  5. There's freon cooling too.

    NOS and a <font color=red> Ferrari </font color=red> can be fun! :cool:
  6. Ok ! I'm a beleiver !
  7. there is even flaurinert submerged computers for extreme cooling...but at $500 a gallon, and needing a few gallons...noone really does it.
    i just saw an article about it somewhere..anyone know what article from which website that i am talking about?
    i cant remember....but it was pretty cool...pun intended...


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  8. Woah- that I gotta see. Hmm, maybe it can be my Birthday present:)

    NOS and a <font color=red> Ferrari </font color=red> can be fun! :cool:
  9. only thing is, you need to replenish it i think..not sure tho.
    but it would cool EVERYthing pretty good if you used LN2 to cool it off...
    i think that you have to refrigerate the flaurinert...but it is a liquid that you submerge your computer in.
    kinda scary....


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  10. For super cooling go for a case called the vapour chill. They look sweet too. And they have this little led on the front telling you the case temp. summat like -20c

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  11. VapoChill

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  12. Normally I would say touchy.... but come on it's a vapochill.

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  13. We need to show some respect.

    <b>Bees are on the what now?</b>
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