hey there and a good day to all , hope someone would be able to give some advice.. thx in advance
okay here's my problem (regarding 2 games cod waw and resident evil 5) but the main problem is when i installed windows 7 profeesional call of duty waw ran fine but then resident evil 5 bombed out had to run compatibilty but couldn't select profile then.

And when i installed windows 7 ultimate call of duty world at war bombed out with the unhandled exception(i still can't get fixed) and now resident evil 5 runs fine . :??: colud someone or one expert explain to me please wat the reason for this could be.
Thx :p
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  1. well,
    its hard to say w/o more info
    Make sure you have the latest drives, and that you meet the minimum system requirements for the games (that can be usually found on the games wikipedia page)

    check windows Event Log and see if it leaves an error message. Hopefully that'll give some light on what happened.
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