hey guys can you recommend me a good power bar or UPS?

i'd like to know if there are any power enhancements for the computers like power bars

i heard someone say something about monster strips ... what are those ?

and yes i definitely need a surge protector cause right now i don't think my power bar will do the job and i spent like almost 3000 for this computer ! !

thanks for the advice guys !
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  1. Get one with an equipment protection warranty. Even if you never cash in on their warranty, it says something about the quality of the power bar vs one that doesnt have a warranty.

    Monster power makes pretty good ones (Its what I have). Expect to pay $50 for a decent quality one.

    Cant comment on a UPS - never used one.
  2. I would recommend definately getting a UPS to protect your investment. That said, APC makes the best UPSes on the market. Depending on what you are powering, get one in the 800 to 1200 VA range. Just like PSUs, I would not skimp here with an off brand.
  3. CyberPower is not exactly an off brand, very good quality from a good company.
  4. Quote:
    CyberPower is not exactly an off brand, very good quality from a good company.

    Sorry, I did not mean to imply that CyberPower was an off brand. There are a lot of very good companies out there, CyberPower and Belkin being two of them. I was just saying that APC is the best. They have the best internal designs when you factor in actual ability vs rating, clamp-down times, etc. If you put $3000 into your rig, I am recommending go with the best protection available is all.
  5. I agree, but consider if both do the job expected, but one costs 40% less, that makes it the better brand.
    You do use Intel Itaniums, right? :wink:
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