Please help ASAP... dpms

Yesterday everything on this comp (not anyone in my sig) worked fine. Today I go to power on, and the comp powers up just fine. However, the monitor says "DPMS standby mode" and then just doesn't display anything. The comp loads up like it is loading windows.

So I know this is obviously a problem with (A) the monitor or (B) the graphics card. The graphics is not that old, its a BFG GeForce 6800GT and the monitor is older, its a Viewsonic 17" CRT g773 monitor.

What could be causing this? Dead monitor? Graphics card "died"? Anyone can please help me figure out what is likely happening here, what things to check, and what possibilities there are?

Thanks so much, also I really need help ASAP!!
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  1. Did you try the other ouput on your video card? Have you tried a different cable?
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