Thermaltake polo 735 extreme 3 in 1 help.

Bought this cooling about 2 weeks ago its really nice, but im trying to figure out how it clips into the 478 socket config.. its basically a latch but it will not lock! i'll get one side in but then try to lock it and it wont.. if somone could help me that would be great thanks.
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  1. Sure buddy, I have the exact same one you have on the same socket. First make sure that the retention clip and heatsink is turned to where the pressue is directly over the CPU die. If you do not you risk damage to the CPU.

    After you do that, connect the small backet to its correct place and after that use a flathead screwdriver to secure the other end. It can be a littly tricky and needs a little force to be put in place, but it goes on there.

    Again and its very important! Make sure the bend in the retention bracket is over the CPU die. It is off-center because of the clip that has the large grove in it for the screwdriver has to go further to clip on to the socket.

    Let me know how it goes.

    Also, keep that sucker clean, dust gets caught in there realy bad and restricts air flow.

    Also (this is from personal experence) DONT STICK YOUR FINGER IN THE FAN!!!! Took a nice chunck out of my finger and It took 2 weeks to heal! I bled for a long time!
  2. Crap... I thaught you where talking about socket A :?


    Umm. For yours, get one side on then get the other side on... Worked for me. Sorry I cant be more detailed!
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