Is this a worthwhile system?

Hi I got a new computer but i found out they pretty much lied about the GFX card in it (that's dixons for you)


p4 HT 3.0
1gb infineon ram
x300 HM ati
plus some other bits

It cost £545

I'm taking it back and I think I'm going to buy this stuff:

CPU - AMD 64 3700+ 939 L2 1meg cache
MOBO - Asus A8N 939 motherboard
GPU - Nvidia 6800 XT 256 meg
RAM - Corsair Value Select 1GB PC3200 Kit 2x184 Pin DIMM

Is this a good enough computer for running doom in good settings and stuff? The one i have now cant even run brothers in arms playably!
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  1. Well it should be alright....Try to find a 6800GS, that will play your games at playable settings. Its $200US....but a nice sweet spot.

    Also what exact Asus board is that?

    What power supply do you have?

    Other then that everything looks fine.
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