ATI X1800XT 512mb or Nvidia 7800GTX 256mb

Which card is the best ?
I saw the benchmarks in one of the articles:
but they don't mension that it's the 7800GTX 256mn or a 7800GTX 512mb.
I want to buy a new pc in the holidays and i don't know much about these things. And the 7800GTX 512mb is to expensive for me. the X1800XT is little bit more expensive then the 7800GTX 256mb but i don't know if it's worth it.
Can somebody help me out.

Then another thing.
Can a power supply of 450 Watt run:
3.5 Ghz Amd 64+
2x 1GB DDR2
A motherbord (don't know wich one yet)
2x neon lights
a dvd burner
a cd burner
2x 200GB Hard disk
and one of those garfix cards ?
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  1. the power supply would run that perfectly.

    but about the gfx cards :o

    guess that x1800 with 512mb will have a bit more performance
  2. if i had the money i would get the x1800xt 512mb for sure.
  3. I joined this forum for the purpose of answering this post.
    I’ve just recently completed an exhaustive search for components to build a system similar to what you are trying to put together (before Christmas).

    Here are a couple of my findings.

    I only considered ASUS. The A8N32-SLI-DX would have been my first choice but are backordered just about everywhere. I therefore chose the A8N-SLI Premium. The premium offers true PCI-E (16 bit) using one video card (two causes the bus to be shared). However this was fine as I don’t intend to buy a second video card.

    Video Card:
    I was excited about the X1800XT ATI card when it first came out. It scored very well with very immature drivers. I expect that they will get a little faster in the future. Then the 7800GTX 512 came out and I was plagued with indecision again. Further research showed that there is quite a shortage of them before Christmas. The vendors that could lay their hands on them were marking them up above list.
    What finally clinched it for me was the warning by my PC vendor saying that they have had many problems with the 7800GTX (256) cards due to overheating and power requirements.
    I’ve decided to go with ATI to try to avoid these problems.
  4. I just ordered also for xmas and am waiting.
    I went with the Asus A8R-MVP and the X1800XT

    waiting waiting waiting...
    I got my Opteron 175 in today!
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